Why do some great ideas
take off while others don’t?

Today, with more and more young entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate social justice, economic equity, climate concerns, and communal health into their endeavors, the need for practical yet think-big answers is great.

Thibault’s debut book, Larger Than Yourself, profiles remarkable real-world change makers and their gripping stories, big-picture visions, and practical principals at a time when social entrepreneurship is no longer a buzzword but a global necessity.

Weaving his personal journey throughout, Thibault makes his innovative movement-building methods accessible to all, meaningful to anyone, and inspirational to everyone with an idea, a hope, and a purpose-driven dream.

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Thibault Manekin

Husband, Father, Humble Author, Passionate Speaker and Social Entrepreneur

From the time he was little growing up in Baltimore City, Thibault wrestled to understand why we as human beings seemed so divided. He continued to ask himself what truly causes those divides that separate races, cultures and communities, and can anything be done to bridge them?

Armed with that burning question, in 2002, Thibault traveled to South Africa, where he combined his passion for bringing people together with a love of sports to help create PeacePlayers, a nonprofit with the mission of bringing together children from war-torn countries around the world through basketball and dialogue. PeacePlayers has since worked with over 75,000 youth from over 20 countries around the world and has trained over 2,000 coaches/change agents. The program has won numerous global awards, including the 2007 ESPYs Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Bothered by how real estate and the control of land seemed to have done more to divide us as people than actually bring us together, in 2006 Thibault moved back to Baltimore where he helped start Seawall, an impact driven company made up of passionate social entrepreneurs who believe in re-imagining the real estate industry as we know it.  Seawall believes that all facets of the built environment should be used to empower communities, unite our cities, and help launch powerful ideas that create important movements. Since its inception, the company has focused its energy and resources on providing discounted apartments for teachers, collaborative office space for non-profit organizations, workforce housing, community-driven retail, public markets, launchpads for chefs, and creative space for charter schools. In 2011, Thibault was honored by President Obama’s White House as a Champion for Change and Seawall’s projects have received numerous local and national awards.

Most importantly, Thibault is the proud husband of Lola Manekin and the father of Durban and Finley Manekin.

Larger Than Yourself is a Podcast where brave people share how they are helping small ideas become powerful movements. The mission is to amplify the impact of their stories and inspire the courage in others to reimagine industries, lead with purpose and challenge the status quo.

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Thibault Manekin’s speeches will leave you inspired to live a life that is Larger Than Yourself.

Where does that elusive sense of being part of something larger than ourselves come from? How can each of us harness that feeling to help fuel the world’s best ideas and turn them into movements? Thibault’s speeches share the gripping stories, big-picture visions, and practical principals that answer those questions and make his innovative movement-building methods accessible to all, meaningful to anyone, and inspirational to everyone with an idea, a hope, and a purpose-driven dream.

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